Mindful Walking, Forest Qigong, and Restorative Movement 

Restorative Walking Workshop

70 minutes - $55


This restorative workshop is a custom session tailored to your interest, goals, and experience. Expect the first 5-10 minutes to include a brief 'game plan' conversation. 

Would you like to learn new ways to hold your body in and outside of daily walks, to influence strength, energy conservation, joint mobility, and even pain reduction?

Are you interested in stress-relief, orienting practices to soothe the nervous system, forest-bathing, or other ways to 'mindfully' engage in meditation and relaxation states?

Would you like to take your qigong practice into nature, or design a daily 'locomotion practice' incorporating several restorative elements?

In each session we 'go slow,' (unless we go fast!) paying close attention to physical movement, perception, breath, our body, and surrounding textures of nature. Build on any work you have pursued with qigong energy healing or restorative exercise.

Invite your friends and make it a fun group experience for community or healthy inspiration!

Walking sessions take place during daylight hours at Carkeek Park in North Seattle. During early dark winter evenings, we walk in well-lit areas within the Blue Ridge/Crown Hill neighborhood, north of Ballard. 

Travel fee available for sessions in your area depending on availability (about $1/each 2 minute of travel time or as agreed).