qigong healing, energy work

Qigong in translation:

  • cultivating life-force

  • energy cultivation

  • energy work

Qigong often refers to moving breathwork self-practices and hands-on-healing energy work forms. Rooted in Daoist wisdom tradition and Chinese Medicine, forms often involve directing Qi through meridian pathways in order to enliven the body, release stagnation, and reclaim a vital balanced state of being. 

My training includes a foundation in the five element paradigm for understanding health, balance, reality, Life. I attended formal energy work and qigong healing classes, and completed a 4 year course sequence plus apprenticeship with Damaris Jarboux in Boulder, CO, http://thecenterplace.com.  I pursued a multi-year mentorship with Kim Meisinger, energy healer, in Overland Park, KS http://kchealer.com.

I experienced the work of many healers before, during, and after these formative periods of study, and independently, I read, explore, and practice visualization, ritual, prayer, and other "invisible" self-healing modalities - this inquiry began around age 9 for me. I worked with many friends, colleagues, and family members and volunteered in a community energy clinic before designing professional sessions.

To read the National Qigong Association’s in-depth definition and introduction: https://www.nqa.org/what-is-qigong-


restorative exercise, movement education

Certified Personal Trainer - Restorative Exercise Specialist (CPT-RES)

Restorative Exercise (RE) offers new ways to work with the body and life we inhabit through a collection of corrective exercises and corresponding concepts in human biomechanics. 

Designed to mobilize, stabilize, or strengthen various and interconnected body parts, the 'correctives,' developed by biomechanist Katy Bowman, serve you immediately, gradually, and cumulatively to influence better overall and more efficient functioning of your musculoskeletal system. 

By observing and using these exercises to assess and address shapes and constraints our bodies experience repeatedly during habitual sedentary behavior, we purposefully provide our orchestra of body parts new mechanical inputs to which they respond and adapt in concert.

When implemented and integrated into daily life with enough frequency, new shapes, increased strength, and mobility emerges. Gradually, and over time (but also observable within a session!) we increase our capacity to 'move more of our body more of the time,' creating progress toward pain reduction and other physical resilience and stamina.

In turn, and as you nourish more of your joints, capillaries, tissues, and practice macro- and micro- moves that relieve stress previously placed on ligaments or within compressed vertebrae, cells within and related to these parts respond in kind.

Increased ability to move allows you access to more physical activities, broadening and deepening opportunities for connecting socially and with nature, and potentially experiencing new confidence, self-expression, etc.

Restorative Exercise experiences are grounded in understanding the biomechanics of optimal anatomical alignment. RE correctives entrain greater strength, stability, and mobility, gradually, and where appropriate.

Bowman's larger body of work illustrates the interconnected nature of increased nourishment to moving body parts within each of us, and even within our communities and culture-at-large. Her work, teachings, and resources are truly whole-body and whole-Life oriented in their approach.

Check out online education, "movement permaculture," "movement ecology" and Katy Bowman's published deep-dive investigations, personal practices, products, classes, and movement-community:  https://nutritiousmovement.com/


ritual design,

Lifestyle coaching

Rites + passages: from here to there

Daily practices and special occasion rituals, whether conscious or not, wield potent possibility, momentum and power.

What role do rituals, and habits play in your Life?

Let me know if you’d like to emphasize lifestyle coaching as part of our work together.