Movement Session 

55 minutes

Movement Sessions focus on the self-practice element of Sfera offerings.

Designed to send you home with 'tools' to incorporate in your daily life, sessions include Restorative Exercise (RE) instruction, foundational yin or yang qigong instruction, embodiment practices, or a helpful combination. "What is Restorative Exercise?" Click Here!

Expect a gentle, engaging approach to moving and possibly feeling new sensations, muscles, or even new awareness come alive in your body or being. 

Come on your own, or invite a friend to join. Larger group sessions available depending on space availability - please inquire.

Because our approach often examines the context of your movement + habits within daily environments, meeting at your home or office to walk through a typical day of movement opportunities is another great option.

If booking a Skype/distance RE-focused session, we must both be able to observe your whole body in different positions (lying, standing, on all fours, seated, arms or legs outstretched against a wall). Multiple mirrors, full-length wall space, and a step ladder, chair, or shelving is helpful either as props or to adjust your camera placement as we go from form to form. Other useful equipment includes half-cylinder or rolled bath towel, cork yoga block or thick book (safe to stand on), and a yoga strap or long belt.