Erin Doty


Joyful practitioner-teacher of Qigong Healing, Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist.

Are you seeking new ways to move for health and enjoyment? Have you suffered long or short term challenges? Do you want to settle your nervous system, recover from stress, or boost self-care?

I’d love to contribute to your physical + energetic resilience work and your ultimate peace and fulfillment journey.

I found energy work in my long walk home through debilitating, isolating, and confusing anxiety and depression. My teachers addressed the physical body and spiritual or ‘invisible wisdom’ vocabularies, and the sensations I felt were new, empowering, and potent. Practicing qigong healing enlivened my whole being, so I followed my nose, slowly and gradually, down this path.

I grew up partly overseas, and have lived in bustling cities and small towns in many climates, and now the Puget Sound. I love observing many different ways of ‘how-to-be-a-human.’ My own health experiences and witnessing family members’ autoimmune, mental, cancer, and addiction challenges keeps my eye on healing and future dis-ease prevention.

Restorative Exercise came into my life while researching Ancestral Health and nutrition.

Katy Bowman’s education lead me to the next set of critical modern life skills I craved and needed: moving more parts of my body, more of the time!

When I’m not studying or sharing what I know with client-students, you can find me cooking up a storm, entertaining, creating with color and texture outdoors and in, apprenticing with a dog trainer, taking gazillions of photos of flowers, and dance-sing-playing with my fam.

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