Do you want to move through Life with greater ease?

I can help you augment your Self-care superpowers.

Welcome. I’m Erin Doty. I help care-givers and care-workers grow stronger and more supple, inside and out.

Come learn physical moves, awareness, and ‘inner body’ energy healing skills to deepen your abilities and connect more wholly with your daily environments and Life.

I work and teach in studio and outdoors, combining Qigong and Restorative Exercise: two robust, transformative, holistic and complimentary systems. Practices nourish your cells, leading to deeper embodiment, resilience, balance, and mobility.

Classes and individual sessions are low-impact, sophisticated, and offer enticing, delicious challenge without strain.

I invite you to read more on these pages, and contact me with any questions.

I look forward to meeting you!