Grow Stronger In Nature.

Learn to heal yourself, in Body and Life.

Settle and strengthen your nervous system.

Feel more at home in your temple.

Are you recovering from health challenges or seeking to identify root causes of dis-ease?

Do you crave more robust emotional, spiritual, or physical health?

Restorative movement and energy work can help!

Hi, I’m Erin! I share qigong, qigong healing, and restorative exercise techniques to support you in a whole-life, whole-body approach to wellness.

Classes and private sessions help you identify and re-pattern your energetic and physical experience, so you can move and feel BETTER.

Because the outdoors offers a wellspring of incredible support and healing, experiences take place indoors and outside. All classes and sessions include sophisticated, creative education, loads of support, playful spirit, and delicious challenge without strain.

I look forward to meeting you, and please contact me with any questions!